IMG_6681I have a name and it is Donna.  But for the love of god, don’t sing to me.  It’s not cute, it’s not original, and it’ll make me want to hurt you in creative ways.

That being said I’ve been writing since I was nine and it all began with some Saved by the Bell fanfiction.  From there I wrote some terrible poetry, some less terrible short stories, and then I progressed into novels in the second half of the 2000s when I realized I’m way too much of an overwriter for short stories.  I have a BA of English with a minor in creative writing and IT’S GOTTEN ME SO FAR IN LIFE.  What with being an insurance underwriter as a profession and I’m still weeding my way through the slush, I can’t even tell you where the physical degree is.  Somewhere.  I can tell you it looks like it was slapped together in Print Master and bubble jetted out on some CVS card stock.  Yet somehow I’m going to be paying student loans until I’m ten years past dead.  Whatever.

I’m constantly trying to improve my own writing by subjecting myself to torture and editing other people’s work.  My comfort zone is fantasy for the young adult variety but I have some adult romance, erotica, and quite possibly some YAish horror/post-apocapytic sloshing around in my brain.  While some of these things are kind of scary to me it is kind of fun to explore something new and see whether or not I can make good words.

I’m an avid reader (as all writers should be, I think) and I run a book blog called Bites (link up top) where I spit forth my sometimes incoherent opinions on what I read.  I felt somewhat disconnected to the writing world and I didn’t feel my book blog was the right place to meander on about my writing so that’s why Imagine Write exists.  It actually did exist back in 2008 but I moved to book blogging in early 2009 and this is the first I’ve coming back to a writing blog since.  I’ll be doing both, as I sit here typing in the monstrous shadow of my TBR pile.

Outside of your token writer/reader fare the only sport that I really watch is hockey (I’m not on board with all the rules yet but slowly, Arizona Coyotes are the local favorite, Washington Capitals are my fiance’s team, and the Anaheim Ducks have a special place in my heart thanks to Emilio Estevez) and we make it a point to go to games throughout the season.  I have my own store on Etsy, Luna Chase (link up top) where I sell homemade lip balm.  I’m working on other products to branch out into (namely face and body products) and I’ll hopefully have at least one more product to add by the end of 2015.  I’ve come to enjoy making origami stars because they let me shut my brain off which is good for my stomach, which has a tendency of exploding.  Fun times.  California is a favorite place of mine to visit and I’m even planning my own wedding there for next year.  I’m kind of a crazy fan of the movie The Lost Boys, followed in close second by Labyrinth because they’re both epic movies.  I even have a Lost Boys tattoo.  My tumblr account lets me fart around with those obsessions on a daily basis (as do my own fan sites for each).

Since I’m not writing my memoir I’ll stop this About here.