And somtimes you just need to think.

Every once in a while I’ll read something that really sticks with me. Usually it’s just a single line of text I read somewhere. Could have been anywhere. The one that’s sticking with me lately?

I think it was a tweet, maybe by a literary agent, saying that you shouldn’t write the next book in a series when the first one isn’t even published.

Solid advice. And something that’s thoroughly been embedding itself in my brain since I read it.

While it technically doesn’t apply to me, because I published my first book, I self-published it. And it hasn’t gone very far. At all. That’s not necessarily a testament to my writing acumen because it’s hard as shit to get a self-published book off the ground. If you don’t already have the base of people ready and a solid marketing plan plus the money to market, it doesn’t matter how good it is. It’s not going anywhere. And that sucks.

My original plan was to keep writing the series and self-publish the rest of it because I really do want it to be read. However, I also want to be commercially published too, and I do have other projects that aren’t Diamond Crier that could potentially get me there. One of which is already written and awaiting editing. So do I put it on hold for 2+ years in order to finish writing this Diamond Crier series for the handful of people who will read it?

Part of me says yes. See the project through until the end. That’s what I like doing. Another part of me is saying no. Because I don’t necessarily want to stay self-published, and because I still have commercial publication aspiration and Diamond Crier wasn’t a fit for that market, it’s time to try something else.

So I have something to think about. Do I see Diamond Crier through until the end or do I work on something fresh, polish it up, and submit it and see what happens?

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