Another update and something about chaos.

First and foremost I recommend you follow my Facebook page. It’s really easy for me to post random little turd nuggets on there right from my phone while formulating a post here takes a little more time and I’m a bit more sporadic with it. Obviously. So for the more instant stuff like my Facebook page. There’s also my Twitter and Instagram accounts (links to the right). I haven’t been on tumblr too much lately but I do try to get on when I can.

The Wattpad Block Party is coming together nicely. So far the info post, the line-up, the giveaways post, and the biggest fan posts are all up. We’re all (im)patiently awaiting the lineup post. Not even us participants know when we’re going. I also did an interview with Fangirlish on my upcoming experience and about writing in general. Go read it!

I am finishing up my post for the party and that’s where we come to chaos. Because that thing’s done right ol’ fucked things up for me.

So TRIALS OF FAITH is my serialized story over on Wattpad about the vampire apocalypse. The only weapon that humans really have to kill the vampires is faith and my main character, May, fully expects to pass her final test to become a vampire hunter. Except when her test vampire turns out to be her best friend Rachel, someone who died the year before, things get all messed up, May fails her test and ends up exiled.

The first chapter is the only chapter in which Rachel exists because she died. For real. The compound leader staked her (I’m not spoiling anything; this is all in the first chapter). But her presence haunts May through what I’ve written so far because she represents all of May’s doubt and digs into her soul with questions about how the compound was run.

For my post I was going to do a short on Rachel and how she came to be the feral vampire in May’s faith test. It was only supposed to a short little oneshot on a very minor character.


Rachel has ruined my world. Literally. She’s turned it completely upside down. To the point where I’m rewritting it. Replotting it. Redesigning the cover. Retitling it. Aging the characters up (because sex, everything is better with sex). Adding a soundtrack (because it BEGGED for it, my stories NEVER do that). Plugged it into Scrivener and did it proper.

I’m not completely abandoning May. I’m just setting her aside for a time. The way I have it now this book is going to start with Rachel’s vampire resurrection and it’ll end with May’s test. Will it end the same way? WHO KNOWS???

I do but I’m not telling.

Where May is a blind follower Rachel has a healthy basket of questions to choose from. She’s rather insubordinate and has developed her own sense of faith from the fundamentalism she grew up around. And it got her into trouble. Mainly it got her killed. By her own leader.

And now she’s pissed.


I’m cooking that up now. But I’m not going to start rewriting until I finish book 2 in the DIAMOND CRIER series. Which will probably be named NEW FUTURE WEAPON. Because of course. I’m SO CLOSE to getting that done and right now I’m actually a little behind in my self-imposed schedule for that but not too bad. If I just hunker down I’ll get it done in a few days. Probably this week. Then I’ll start on the final edits for CURSE OF STARS, start rewriting TRIALS OF FAITH, and all will be good with the world.

The Wattys are also a thing that’s happening. They’re Wattpad’s awards with a variety of categories. I’m entering my Lost Boys fic series Changing Light and once I get the new TRIALS OF FAITH up I’ll be entering that as well. Should be interesting!

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