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Click the little Facebook button over on my sidebar there. I’m just far more active there. It’s easier for me to post and, as you can tell, I post far more often than when I do here. I do aim for weekly postings here, but I skipped last week. I can chalk that one up to Thanksgiving weekend, can’t I? Please?

It’s just sometimes I don’t have a whole lot to say and I’m not usually one for talking when I have nothing to talk about. I know I need to get better at that and engaging people and being social on all this social media stuff because it’ll help with my book, but it’s baby steps for me. Between the two on-going stories I have on Wattpad plus my Diamond Crier series plus I’m working my way through a designation for work so my weekends involve studying too plus exercise (truly I waffled on that one, do I want more time to write or should I start exercising? yeah, I need to keep at least a little bit healthy) plus my regular job that, like this upcoming week, requires me to travel.

And that’s not including things like time with my husband so he doesn’t think I’m just muttering to a computer screen all the time (I am).

I don’t want to make excuses, but for right now it’s easier to engage using platforms easily accessible from my phone. Like Facebook and Twitter. Those two especially. Got a little Twitter button in the sidebar too. Plus I post book quotes and stuff on those two platforms too, and just general updates and life blips and whatever. And things like the sign-up for my blog tour now being open and CURSE OF STARS being available for request on NetGalley. You know. SMALL THINGS.

Wattpad and tumblr and both options too and I’ll get notifications of private messages and votes and stuff. I just won’t write large blocks of text on my phone. Really not a fan of that. And I need to utilize Goodreads more as a social platform. I really don’t now. Even as a reader it’s pretty much just an online library for my books. I might take a random poll every now and then but I’m otherwise not social on Goodreads. Maybe I should start from the author side. It’d be easy enough since that’s on my phone too.

This is why I’m ready, willing, and able to pay for marketing for CURSE OF STARS. I can’t really devote a whole lot of time to it right now so I’ll pay someone who can. In the meantime I’ll do what I can. Now, gearing up for the book blitz and the blog tour I need to go through CoS and pull some quotes and make some fancy book quote things. There’s a name for them. I can’t remember what they are. They’re some aspect of the cover image with a quote on it. Those things.

A writer’s like a shark. If we stop writing we die. Therefore we never stop.

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