Breaking my own rules.

Normally I’m a pantser, meaning I don’t write with an outline. I like just writing the story, going with the flow and seeing where it takes me. However, I’ve found that you can only be a pantser so far into writing.

Working on the second book in my Diamond Crier series, now more than ever, I realize that I really need to get myself an outline. At this point in the story the world has gotten so big, the cast of characters big enough, and the subplots varied enough that I just can’t keep them all straight in my dome piece alone. Not a chance. So I bought Scrivener (I was working on a trial but knew I was going to be utilizing it much more now so I just went and bought the license) and I’m carrying on my merry way.

With that being said, with book 2 I probably would have benefitted from an outline early on and I wouldn’t be in my current position. Writing the way I do, I don’t edit as I go along. I shoot by the seat of my pants and leave editing to when it’s time to edit. This usually makes my drafts rather large messes but at least the story’s on the page.

Now, though, I have my Brady Bunch problem and I’m contemplating whether I should carry on with what I have and correct it at editing time or go back now, fix it, and then carry on with the corrected manuscript. This isn’t something I want to get into the habit of doing, plus the character I want to kill earlier is fairly insignificant and won’t have a large effect on the story so if I were to carry on fixing it later it won’t be a big problem. But it still is a major enough change and I’m about halfway through the manuscript now. And I won’t be able to just fix that one thing, though. I’ll want to fix others.

And now I’m editing while still writing the first draft. Which, as I said, I don’t like to do.

Right this second I’m hashing out the blurb for book one so I can finalize the cover so that’s taking up a significant amount of my time. But book 2 is waiting.

To edit or not to edit?

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