Everything’s finally coming together.

I got the last images into the printer and I’m getting bookmarks done up as we speak. I already received the bookplates and they are GORGEOUS. I’ll wait until the bookmarks are in and I’ll get a photo of everything all together. Including the keychains I got made. They’re . . . okay.

The charms and the color schemes are all cute and fitting, but the cover on both of them is distorted and it didn’t appear that way in the photos and I didn’t read anything about distortion in the descriptions. One on keychain the backing is long so the cover is narrower and longer than what it should be. On the other keychain it’s a square so it’s a little squatter than what it should be. It’s a bit more proportionate than the long one and it looks a little better but it’s still a little off. They’re okay for now but I’ll be looking elsewhere for swag like that the next time around.

Sign-ups for the book blitz and blog tour are just wrapping up and I should be finalizing that with Xpresso Book Tours coming up. I will be doing giveaways for both of them, the ones in the blitz just a little smaller than the ones on the tour, but that’s to be expected. I just need to order the last part of that giveaway from Etsy and that should all be done. I’ll post all of that information once it’s all finalized.

Now, just to wait until the book comes out next month. HOLY SHIT. I’ve already gotten early reviews and ratings on Goodreads, which is awesome, and I pretty much have the book listing on NetGalley to thank for that one. So far that’s the one that’s been worth the money in terms of marketing. All the reviews I have are completely organic and they have a range to them. So while the rating isn’t as high as I’d like (WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S NOT PERFECT???) at least it’s diverse and I think that speaks volumes. At least in my mind.

I did receive my Kirkus review back and I will not be publishing it. It’s certainly not the most critical review of my writing but it’s not the greatest. Some valid points were made, but the reviewer seemed to get hung up on how dark the story was. So . . .it’s dark fantasy? I’m certainly not going to make it a habit of critiquing reviews and nitpicking what people say about it (in writing, in public O_O, outside of screaming into my pillow). And I don’t want to linger. I just want to reiterate that CURSE OF STARS is a dark fantasy novel. It’s DARK. It’s not for the faint of heart. If that’s not your thing then I don’t think COS will be either.

And before I forget I actually did intend on posting last week but I couldn’t get to my website’s admin log-in. I could get to every other WordPress admin log-in for every other install I have (literally five others). But not this one. Really??? So no post last week.

I am going to start editing book 2 this month and I’m hoping to release by the end of the year this year. I think that’s doable if I really plug in and just do it. I’m almost finished with my vampire book on Wattpad (fewer than 10 chapters left, I think) and INSIDIOUS is just for fun so I should have plenty of time. But this month I also have to put together a guest post for a blogger and my post for the Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition III in February. That’s due mid-month. It never ends! And I’m kind of okay with that.

In other news I am going to start a newsletter. Sign up for that is over to the right in the sidebar. It’s going to be monthly. If something crazy major happens I may do a short blast but that will be rare at best. So sign up!

And I’m still going strong at CrossFit and on New Year’s Eve they did a total workout, which is just three lifts, the most weight you can rack for one rep each. I’ve only been doing this for three months and I have a wrist injury that I’m going in for surgery for in a couple of weeks so I had NO IDEA what my one rep max was for anything and back squats and dead lifts (two of the three lifts) I can actually do pretty much unimpeded by my wrist. So I was all over this. My totals?

I was aiming for 150 on back squat so I wasn’t too far off. I did nearly bail the bar over my head on a too-heavy attempt (VERY bad) but I smashed myself into the rack to keep from going forward. On the next too-heavy attempt I bailed it correctly. Need I explain what it feels like to have a 145 pound bar roll down your spine?

Shoulder press I pretty much had no hope for that. My upper body is pretty weak because of my wrist injury plus I have chronic pain in the wrist so shoulder presses (and cleans, snatches, front racks) suck for me. If I had to guess 55 pounds is about where I’d put myself before doing it so nailed it there.

Deadlifts I went into grossly overestimating what I could actually do (because it’s all legs and back, where I’m actually decently strong and because of how many times I can rep 100+ pounds) so I came in pretty under my aim (aim was 200 pounds) but I’m still right around body weight, which isn’t bad.

Ultimately I didn’t come in dead last so PROGRESS! I’ve had a few of those classes. At first I was totally embarrassed to come in last because people watch and cheer you on (it’s supposed to be encouraging and eventually it is, just need to get over the embarrassment) but once I did it I stopped caring. It’s happened more than once. Eh. Whatever.

So that’s it for now. I’ve rambled enough. I hope everyone had some great holidays and here’s looking to a 2017 that isn’t the total shit stain that 2016 was (and I have to keep reminding myself that I got married in 2016 so it wasn’t ALL bad but ugh)!

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