Having a baller book cover.

Because I promised the void a post on my book cover that I revealed on my author Facebook page weeks ago now.


DonnaCompositor_CurseOfStars_ebookFINAL (1)

Gaze upon my book’s cover. This glorious thing. Worth every penny.

Seriously. If you do nothing else pay for a damn book cover. Editing you can get for free from trusted sources (although there is a heavy push for professional editing, but even I scoff at putting that kind of money out, and unless you use a good/recommended editor you could be shelling out a lot of money for nothing). Unless you yourself are a graphic designer or know someone who is, you’re not going to want to skimp on cover design. It’s the first thing people will see when looking at your book. Entice them. Don’t repel them.

I have Carl at Extended Imagery to thank for my cover. Not only did he crawl inside my head and pull out my thoughts he was patient with me as I navigated my way through my first cover design. When I went into it I was thinking purely eBook cover despite the fact that I did want my book in print. But I was just thinking cover, as in what you see, only. A little out of sync, yes, but that was what it was. But you know what you need for the printed cover? Freaking book dimensions and final page count. Kind of hard to provide when my book was still with betas at the time we were working through this.


I’m still on time with my writing and editing timeline so here’s hoping I’ll actually have that information for him by the end of summer (before my wedding) like I told him. I received great feedback on the manuscript and I can’t wait to red pen it.

Granted it’s kind of messing up book 2 at the moment. Because I’ll be reworking the antagonist I’ve started changing him now, 90% of the way through book 2 and it’s really throwing the whole ending off. So much so that now I don’t know whether the series will be a duology or a trilogy. I’m maybe two chapters from the end. I have no idea how I don’t know this, but the ending’s a mess and it’s driving me nuts.

Back to the cover. Carl asked for book covers that I liked so I provided some and explained why I liked them. I also let him know the original idea I had with a girl with a shaved head and the stamp on the cover. I really didn’t have much more than that. And he basically took everything I liked about the covers I provided and my own idea, smashed them all together and gave me what you see.

Legit, he crawled into my headspace.

And the concept was spot on right from the beginning. The only tweaks I needed made were to the stamp itself and the font size of the subtitle. Seriously intuitive. I’ll be going back to him for the cover of book two. Aside from the fact that I need continuity with the series Carl was excellent to work with, has the patience of a saint, and gave me a stellar product (at a discount even because he was having technical issues when he was working on mine).

I would really recommend Extended Imagery. Carl will provide a superb product for a very reasonable price.

PS – Totally changed the title of the book too. Obvi. NEW FUTURE WEAPON is actually a much better fit for book 2, it turned out. So book 1 got a new name. You like?

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