Hey, look! My first post!

I do have something more substantial planned because some shenanigans happened over the last few days that BEG to be ranted about but for now this is post number one.

I want to use Imagine Write as an outlet for my writerly frustrations, triumphs, and general malaise-y days.  I need an outlet for that sort of thing because I’ve been feeling rather marooned on my own little writer island and I need to feel involved again.  This is one of the ways I’m doing that.  Another is becoming more active on Critique Circle because I think it’s a wonderful website but that’s been a start-stop deal for the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been making a concerted effort to post in the forums but I haven’t critiqued anything since dusting off my handle and coming back to the site.  Although I do have a whole pile of credits to my name and nothing in progress that’s at a critique stage in which to use them.  Yet.

So what I have going on right now is I have one completed manuscript on submission to agents along with a few direct to publishers.  I’ve been subbing it for over a year and have used three different blurbs but I’ve had nary a bite.  I got in to my dream agent on an author referral and while she gave me a glowing review (she devoured it, loved it, pacing’s perfect, basically everything a writer wants to hear from an agent about her manuscript) she didn’t love the characters enough so she didn’t take it on.  I’ve had nearly all form rejections ever since, hence changing my blurb.  The first blurb I had help with by an established author friend (the same one who gave me the referral).  The second one was a bit darker in tone and meant to target a more adult audience (the book is YA but with how dark I go it could crossover).  The third one that I just finished last month, is pretty much a total rewrite and shifts the approach entirely.  I’ve gotten a couple of immediate form responses but I still have a bunch out there with a bunch more to send.

Meanwhile I’m working on that book’s sequel and I’m about halfway through it.  Although, since I’ve been working on what is rightly the same project since 2007 without writing anything outside of it I’m taking a break and writing something completely different.  Where this older work is YA fantasy, the Shiny New Idea is an historical paranormal romance with no teenagers in sight that I’m working on with a friend.  It couldn’t get any different if it were a textbook.  So I’m looking forward to that.  I’ve already done a large part of the research for this romance already last year (okay, so same project without a break isn’t wholly true, I did research this book last summer but I didn’t WRITE anything for it so half truth).  Now it’s just write the good parts.  ALL the good parts.

That’s it for now.  But I have no doubt it’s going to be a bumpy ride so hang on.

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