I don’t get WattPad.

I really don’t.

I understand success is a combination of good tagging, reader interaction, and an engaging story but trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t is making my head spin.

One story I read, that had tens of thousands of views, is so grossly overwritten it’s actually hard to follow along the plot. It gets lost in all those superfluous words. Yet it’s nominally popular and ranking and whatnot. Me, I suffered through a chapter before giving up. I just couldn’t do it.

On the other hand another story I got at least a dozen or so chapters into before giving up was so under-written that there was barely any world or character development and very little care given to dialogue or plot structure. Yet it was incredibly successful, this one with hundreds of thousands of fews. At least in this particular one I could somewhat see the appeal. It was a lot of action, some relationship tension, a dystopian world. It hit a few marks. The overwritten one . . . not a clue.

My own work . . . I just posted chapter 14 of Trials of Faith and I’m just over 200 total views. I’m aware of my own shortcomings as an author and this is a draft; I’m already plotting on how to make it better.

On the other hand a short story I wrote about my wardrobe malfunction, that has fewer than 100 total views, has been added by two different WattPad accounts to their libraries. My little itty bitty teeny tiny story is on lists with books with tens of thousands to millions of views. How Exposed in Manhattan got found, I have no idea. As far as I know neither of my works have ever ranked. Not even really low numbers.

I got nothing.

Quality of writing means nothing. How engaging the story is means nothing. How much it panders means nothing.

I’m not trying to game the system here or anything; I’m just trying to pick up patterns and it’s not working. My eyes are zigzagging all over the place and they can’t find anything to rest on. But I will say I am enjoying WattPad. For the interaction, for posting my work, for reading other people’s stuff, for the prompts. I do like it. So I’m going to stick with it. Even if it confuses me.

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