I feel like I have my head at least halfway screwed on now.

Seriously. Moving is a total pain in the ass. And with our closing it felt like being shot out of a cannon.

We had a 30 day closing. When I tell people that their eyes bug out of their heads. When we started this whole process we didn’t do anything for the first two weeks because shit happens with closing and we didn’t expect it to go smoothly. At least one hitch. Yeah, nothing. Not a smudge or a fleck of dust. Nothing. In fact our closing went so smoothly our lender asked us if we wanted to close early. No thanks, we said as packing tape and bubble wrap flew through the air.

It wasn’t until week three when we were like uh . . . we need to get packing. The week we closed my husband was off Monday through Wednesday and I was off Wednesday through Friday, with us moving that Wednesday. Between packing, moving, and cleaning up the rental we moved out of we were both dead.

We’ve been in the new house now for just about two weeks and I’m just finally starting to feel normal. I finished organizing and sorting my new office, so now my computer’s up, my books are shelved, and I can get back to writing again. I wrote a little bit last week, but as I sat here surrounded by bubble wrap I was just exhausted looking at it all. Plus we’re in the middle of the CrossFit Open (just did week three yesterday), CURSE OF STARS released on the 19th, had a bit of a scare with my dad the Friday before that, tested (and passed! yay!) my designation class on the 21st, and my blog tour happened from the 27th to the 10th and I’m just now starting to not be tired.

But it’s all good. I think I’m actually going to get back into a groove this week. Or try my damndest. I signed up to do another Wattpad event on Saturday with the Wattpadres:

The Facebook event is here. It’s a get together of a bunch of authors who have released or will be releasing books within the first six months of this year. And I fall right in the middle of that! I just need to whip up some graphics and figure out what I’m going to do for a giveaway and that should be good.

I also have a bulk order of books coming my way. People have been asking for some signed copies so I’m going to set up a Paypal link here where you all can buy them directly from me. Plus I’m going to set up another Goodreads giveaway. Hopefully that’ll drum up some interest too.

I feel like there was more I was going to talk about, but I can’t remember. Our taxes are done? No.

Oh. I know. Total pain in the ass this is, but it’s all my fault. I need to change the address on my license, but I also need to change my name too so do that all at once. Well for a name change I need to go to the MVD in person with my social security card with my new name. Uh . . . about that . . . So I look up how to change my name on my social security card. Need a copy of my marriage certificate. Great. Look up getting a copy of my marriage certificate. That can take up to four weeks. Fantastic. And since I need a copy for social security, maybe the MVD (?), and to renew my passport I’m literally requesting three copies of the thing. And I’m out of stamps. Ugh.

Trials and tribulations. The lesson? If you’re getting married and changing your name do it ASAP. We actually ran into some name issues with the mortgage paperwork because the name on my marriage certificate (aka my LEGAL name) literally matches nothing else because I’m a lazy ass and haven’t changed anything yet (just a reminder, I got married in September). So I’m slowly doing that where I can. Double ugh. I’m hoping this coming week will be fairly laid back.


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