I need to singe my ass hairs or something.

I know everyone writes differently from an outlining (or not) standpoint, whether or not their characters talk to them, how often they write, whatever.  But I feel like a total slacker when it comes to writing.  At least recently.  Yeah, I have a bunch of fanfiction under my belt, a smattering of short stories, some less than stellar poetry, but I only have two completed novels.  And one is currently unreadable.  I just feel like that’s rather . . . underwhelming.

I know, it’s more than what some people write.  But then I look at others and the sheer quantity they’re putting out makes me wonder just how they do it.  The lucky few who are able to be supported by a spouse, I envy thee. For those who still do the grudge, do you sleep?  Because I like sleep and I find it really hard to try and force away sleep in a bid to write.  I’m already up fairly early (anywhere between 5 and 5:45) and I go to bed fairly late (between 10 and 10:30) during the week and I’m awake more on the weekends.  So I guess it comes down to re-prioritizing my time or something.  Less tumblr, more writing.

But the thing is I’m seriously starting to consider self-publishing.  For that I need to market.  Marketing takes time.  It takes time away from writing.  Researching how to go about self-publishing the smart way takes time away from writing.  I don’t know.  It seems like I can’t win.

And I know I’ve seen articles regarding self-publishing and how people really should slow down when it comes to that because some people put out multiple books per year.  While some authors really can do that when it comes to self-publishing you really get into a quality versus quantity issue.  Authors need to feed the un-understanding public who think it’s nothing to write a book so sequels and author libraries need to be comprehensive and quick, but isn’t it on the authors to break that of their readers?  Don’t they want some level of anticipation for the next book?  Sure, people complain about swallowing a book and the having to wait a year or so for the sequel.  But they do it.  Marketing pushes start to happen at the halfway point anyway so there’s time enough to let book one sink in and then you start the build-up and excitement for book two.  And a year per book is reasonable for me, I think.  If I really put my nose to it I could work on that timeline without too much problem depending on what kind of book I would be writing (the current one being historical fiction may take a little longer due to the amount of research that would need to be done to write it well).  I don’t know.  Hopefully eventually I will know.

So I’m three chapters and a prologue through my historical romance novel.  I’m trying to be concise in my writing because I can’t have a 113k romance novel so it’s a completely different approach than what I took for NEW FUTURE WEAPON.  And if I’m honest it’s a nice breather.  I don’t like having the unfinished sequel just sitting out there but I needed a break more than I knew and my vampire pirate is really doing it for me.

I just need to get some flint and really get that fire roaring.  I want more books written.  I want to create more stories.  I want to be read.

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