I’m no good at this blogging thing.

Especially when I’m a bit off track.

I’m not a big fan of talking about myself personally in this kind of setting. Just rambling on about me and what’s going on in my life and how I feel about things. I know it’s a way for me to connect with people. But I don’t post about things as they happen. I’ve learned to not be so incredibly reactive. I sit on things. Step back. Evaluate. By the time I’ve processed something that’s happened I usually don’t care to revisit it. I’ve moved on and don’t find a need to talk about it. So that limits the amount of “action” I have going on in my life. I’m not big into drama so I try not to draw it to me.

I still haven’t touched Diamond Crier #2 yet since I went through my first edits. I’m twitching to get back to it, but I’m going to wait two more weeks: through this coming week and then I’m going back east for a week and I’d have to pause what I’m doing anyway. I’d rather not have that kind of stop/start going on. So I’m going to start on that when I get back home in early June and then I’m hoping to have the second draft done by the time I go to Indy in September.

There are actually going to be two weeks in September that I’m going away back to back. First it’s to Indy for HorrorHound Weekend and the official US release of Paul Davis’s LOST IN THE SHADOWS, a behind-the-scenes book for The Lost Boys. OMG I can’t wait. It’s going to be a whirlwind, but I’m looking forward to it. And then the next weekend is my anniversary and we’re going over to Universal and Disney for the week. Harry Potter World here I come! So I’d like to have the second draft done by then so I don’t go into those two weeks with lingering work.

During that same editing jag Steve and I are contemplating going on our gym’s nutrition program. It’s expensive, and while Weight Watchers has historically worked for both of us, it’s not a weight loss program designed for people working out like we do. Not that I’m like balls out working out or anything, but my body needs different fuel when I’ve done three days of heavy lifting versus three days of yoga. I need carbs for energy, something Weight Watchers really doesn’t like. Plus you can’t eat into your Fit Points. I mean you can by manually keeping track, but there’s no way to log those fit points as food. So here I am getting 30 points per day and my post-workout protein shake is 4 points. That’s 13% of my daily intake in a single shake. I also have one of my protein bars (Orgain Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk or Peanut Butter for those of you with crazy food allergies and who, like me, are incredibly limited in the whole supplemental game) late morning, which is 4 or 5 points depending on which I have. That’s another 13-17% of my daily intake. So that’s 26-30% of my daily points just in a single shake and a single protein bar. Well, just eat more fruits and vegetables. They’re zero points! Well yes. I know that. Do you know how fast I burn through fruit? When your metabolism is running that much faster, those kinds of proteins don’t fill you up as much for nearly as long.

I know I have weekly points too, but they’re not a lot, and I end up blowing through them and then some. The reality is Weight Watchers isn’t built for people doing high octane workouts. And I’m not looking to starving in order to lose weight. So the nutrition program at the gym is geared toward CrossFitters, it’s completely personalized, and basically won’t punish me for lifting. It’s also really hard to keep track of weight when you’re lifting. Yeah, if you eat right you’re going to lose the fat, but you’re going to have muscle bringing up the rear and cancelling out a lot of that scale weight loss. So you can only lose 10 pounds in a three month period but you’ve lost like 10% of your body fat doing it. So that’s hard.

We’ll see. It’s one of those situations where we’re fatigued on our current weight loss strategy and are off the diet more than on and maybe we just need something different that’s a little more personalized to our lifestyle than the one size fits most program. I think we’ll end up hashing it out a little more and then diving into it.

I’m just not for dieting before I go back to New York City and stuffing all the pizza and good Italian food in my face. Priorities.

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