I’m officially serial(killing)izing a story on WattPad.


I’m not LITERALLY killing anyone, of course.  Maybe.  But I imagine a lot of people will die in my book.

So I’ve decided to do a little writing experiment using a story idea with minimal flesh that I’ve been kicking around for over a year now.  I’m willing to sacrifice this story idea for this writing experiment cause because I think it’ll fit well with the WattPad audience and I’m open to playing around with it a bit.

Basically what I’m doing is I’ll be writing/posting a chapter per week.  For the most part I haven’t written the story out and I have really no idea where it’s going to go.  I want to engage with readers and feel out where they may want to see it go and see if it jives with where the story is slanting.  Basically this is my attempt to write for a market.  I usually don’t do that.  I usually write the story I want to read and go from there.  However, what I want to read isn’t usually all that popular or catching a whole ton of waves (sometimes it is, but usually I like the quiet books that don’t make a ton of ruckus).  So I’m trying to see if I can write directly for an audience without deviating too far from what I like to read and write myself.

I’ll put my blurb for this below, along with a link directly to it (although my WattPad profile is in the menu bar) but the tl;dr of the story is it’s the vampire apocalypse and the only weapon humans have against them is true faith/devotion/belief to a higher power.  Whatever the religion, they must be truly faithful to it for vampires to weaken enough for humans to fight.  Colonies were born out of this, each with their own religion (whatever it happens to be) and they train hunters to fight what was previously a losing battle.  My protagonist is readying for her test, which she’s convinced she’ll pass, but her test ends up being her best friend whom she thought dead and is now a vampire.  A whole can of worms opens because of that and she fails her test and gets exiled from the colony because doubt is a chink in their armor.

Because I don’t really know where the story’s going yet but blurb is still rather vague and I do plan on changing it the more the story fleshes itself out.  One thing I like being able to do on WattPad.  What I’m posting is largely raw but it will be edited for spelling and grammar issues and I’m keeping running notes on the world, characters, and story in order to maintain continuity as much as possible but the purpose of this is to move forward.  What’s posted is posted and moving along.  It’s basically how I write my fanfiction but here I’m putting more effort into continuity.  I am a little worried that people will read the blurb and think it’s Christian lit or something but it most definitely isn’t.  This is a vampire story, and a rather gruesome one at that (even without knowing where the story is going I can tell you right now I’m going to vampire the shit out of my vampires).  I have a note at the bottom of the blurb on the WattPad page to let people know, just in case.  Hopefully, as the story forms and I can tweak the blurb that note won’t be necessary.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this all goes.  I’m also still kind of in awe of my cover.  I made it myself usually mostly an editing app on my iPad.  I think it came out rather fantastic, all things considered.  The images themselves I bought through a stock website and the text I ended up doing in GIMP because I didn’t like my font options in the app.  Not too thrilled with the text but it’s fine for right now.  Can’t really complain.

Trials of Faith by dcompbooks

When vampires came out of the shadows they took over the world. Billions died, millions more Changed, and humanity was losing the fight. It took humans decades to find a weapon strong enough to weaken the vampires and when they did people embraced it: faith. Not just fly-by-night belief but pure devotion to any power greater than oneself and with that the vampires didn’t stand a chance. No matter the religion, faith was key. That’s how the colonies were born.

May Leavin belongs to the Righteous Blade compound, a colony of Christ, and it’s her time to test. When someone turns 18 they must prove their devotion to the Lord in order to become a hunter. Only pure faith in Him can protect their colony. Any weakness, any doubt, and it’s certain death. There’s no room for doubt at Righteous Blade. But May is sure she will not falter. She will kill her test vampire and her faith will allow her to do it.

Until she’s faced with the vampire itself: a starved, feral demon but also her best friend whom she thought dead months ago. In that moment doubt destroys her faith and the vampire attacks. She can’t kill her best friend and the people of Righteous Blade exile her to the wild. Leave her for the vampires.

Left with nothing except a slipping belief and more questions than answers, will May have faith in herself to survive? Or will she succumb to the demons in the wild?

“Proof that I’m worthless. I deserve to die. But, God, I’m so afraid.”

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