It was love at first write, thanks to @mstiefvater

Not really. I just liked the way the words played there.

I’ve been using Maggie Stiefvater’s critique partner service search thingy for a few months now trying to find a critique partner. I’ve had a few misses but I think I finally found a hit. She has some good ideas floating around in her head and I’m totally on board with helping her develop them and she likes what I’m writing and just offered to critique my whole manuscript in the timeframe I need it done so WOOHOO! Success!

A solid critique partner (or two) has been something I’ve been really missing in my whole writing deal. For me it’s been a very solitary process. I’ve utilized friends who are heavy readers and will tell me if my work is shit, and I’m pretty active on Critique Circle, which has been an incredibly helpful tool, but having a steady writing partner is something I’ve never really had.

CC is really good for getting random feedback on your work by the chapter. In some cases you get the same readers coming back and if you develop enough of a rapport you can create your own queue and invite people to join and get feedback in larger lump sums. This has not been my experience on CC, at least the latter. I’m not super active so I don’t know enough people to justify a private queue like that. And while the public queues are fine, getting a chapter in can be cumbersome, especially if you’re on a bit of a deadline (even if it is self-imposed). It starts to get aggravating when I go into a queue on the day stuff cycles out to try and get in for the next week only to find out that the next TWO weeks are completely booked. Seriously? Without using a shitton of points it can be really hard to get your work in consistently.

So finding a reliable critique partner has been my mission for the past few months. It would be nice to have someone there you can talk to about the process, who can help you from an editorial standpoint, and who you can bitch to when you want to beat your head against a wall. I’m really hoping this works out. We mesh pretty well so I’m optimistic.

Thank you, Maggie!

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