It’s crazy marketing time!

Fourteen days until CURSE OF STARS is officially released and I’m kind of losing my mind!

The blitz, put on my Xpresso Book Tours, was all this week and is just wrapping up today. Check out my Twitter feed because I’ve been reblogging blitz stops as they come up. You’ll definitely want to check them out to read two different excerpts from the book, check out some awesome little quotes, and enter for a chance to win a gift card to an eBook retailer of your choice, a glow-in-the-dark bookmark (it’s really awesome, all the blogs have photos of it too), and a swag pack! The Rafflecopter set-up is only showing one winner, it looks like, but there should be at least two.

The blog tour starts on the 28th and you can see the whole line-up right here. I’ll be providing all new excerpts for the tour, plus playlists, top 10 lists, guest posts, interviews, and all manner of fun things during those two weeks. It should be a blast! And, of course, there’ll be even more giveaways. Hard not to give away swag and keychains and gift cards, right?

So my February is crazy busy, not only writing-wise but personal-wise. I have something major cooking in my personal life that we’re still finalizing so I don’t want to say what it is yet. But assuming no hiccups I should be willing to say something about it soon. 🙂 No, it’s not writing-related and no, I’m definitely not pregnant. No way.

I should be finalizing the print edition of COS within the next week. I got my proof from IngramSpark and it’s okay, but it looks like the printer was running out of toner in some places. Some of the chapter numbers aren’t visible at all, or barely, and half my face in the author photo is kind of bleached out. Otherwise no issues, so not sure what’s going on there. I’m hoping it’s just a one time thing.

And I just need to run through Amazon and Smashwords and make sure everything’s all set for the release (meaning I uploaded the documents and didn’t forget like a dunce) and I should be good to go there. I think I’m going to have another Goodreads giveaway coming up soon, maybe for the start of the blog tour to drum up even more interest.

On top of all of this I’m studying for the first class in an insurance designation (or the third class in a designation, depending on which way to look at it, the class I’m taking will work toward completing an outstanding designation I’ve already started while starting an entirely new designation, making it overlap. AKA less work for me) that I need to have for my job (recently imposed, it wasn’t a requirement when I took the job, but not a huge deal because I was already working toward it anyway. And my “working toward it” I mean procrastinating for three years.) At this class is fairly basic and not too difficult. I’ve passed the practice exams for the first three chapters (two with a 70%, which is just scraping by, but still a pass. I’ll still brush up on those two just because I want a little more buffer there.) and ended up with the highest score in the chapter I thought I was going to do the worst in (the finance chapter, which made my eyes cross and my husband had to help me with). I have no idea how that happened, but I’ll just sit here and smile and nod and hope that happens during the actual test too.

I don’t cram when I study. Like this whole designation is self study so I’ve been doing one chapter per week (and I started before Thanksgiving so I took that holiday, Christmas, New Year’s, and my surgery weekend off). I’ll read the whole thing, do the work in the workbook, and move on. Now I’m working through the practice exams to see where I’m weakest so I can just focus on those areas to help bolster my score. Luckily I’m a pretty okay test taker so I don’t freak out when it’s go time, but I do have memory problems thanks to a concussion when I was 18 so short term retention is difficult for me. But I’ll manage.

I just don’t want to fail any of the tests because my company will pay for the initial test, but if I have to retake it that comes out of my pocket. No thanks. Study, study, study! And even more luckily I can kind of take my time doing this. Like 2+ years take my time. And once I complete it I get to go to the conferment ceremony wherever they’re having it. Last year it was in Hawaii (and the company will pay for me and my husband, yes, please!). This year it’s San Diego and next year it’s Orlando, both places I’ve been to I’m not rushing to complete the designation until at least 2019. Hopefully that’ll be someplace killer because I don’t think I’ll be able to drag it out much longer than that!

I’m still trying to drum up interest in my newsletter so be sure to sign up for that! I think that’s about it for now. I do want to post more non-promotional-related stuff so I sound less like a marketing bot and more like a human, but February’s a bad month to buckle down and do that. But if you follow me on my other social media stuff you’ll see my dopey self outside of here.

Until next time!

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