I’ve been so bad.

I’ve totally shitbagged on editing Diamond Crier 2 (and posting on this blog, sorry). Not that I haven’t been writing. I’ve just been letting the first round of edits sit for far longer than I intended them to sit. And they’re probably going to sit for a little bit longer. I finally finished BEFORE I’M DEAD on Wattpad, so I have that out of the way. Still working on INSIDIOUS and I do plan on writing little pieces for contests and whatnot, but nothing else should really be getting in the way of editing Diamond Crier 2 once I sit down for it. Not even The Lost Boys 30th Anniversary Fanfic Contest Extravaganza. That’s actually totally easy and just requires me to load up on posts once per week for the next few months. Not really all that time consuming except working out the contests and judging. But that’s minimal for the next few months.

I want to get the next designation class out of the way. It’s not for the main 8 classes that I need. It’s the additional ethics class I need to take otherwise I can’t get any designations so I want to crank that out. Plus I’m heading east at the end of the month for a week. Two days at work and the rest of the time in New York City eating my face off, attending BEA, and visiting with some family. So not a whole lot of work going to be getting done during this time. And no, I’m not going to BEA as an author, but a book blogger. And there’s Phoenix ComiCon right before all this too. Again, not going as an author. That I’m just attending because I like shopping the vendor floor.

But once all that’s over it’s down to editing. Nothing else going on, no moving, no settling, no family visiting. Just space. I don’t want to get crazy behind my tentative release schedule and I don’t want to put out a crap book either. So, you know. Balance. I also need to find a new cover designer. I think I’ll do that once I have the rewrite done so I have a better idea of what the final book product will be.

All the things to do and not nearly enough time to do it all.

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