Now you can join my cult.

Did I say cult? I meant . . . cult. Yeah, I meant that.

So I have a few THINGS going on. First, I have a Goodreads author page!


Yay! Go follow me. You know you want to. Also on Goodreads, CURSE OF STARS is finally listed!


Go add it to your bookshelves. You know it sounds so INTERESTING. You’re INTRIGUED. Do it.

On top of all of that you’ll notice I’ve added a new link in the menu labeled Books. GUESS WHAT’S ON THAT PAGE? And it has pre-order links.

Because right now you can get it on Kobo:


Barnes and Noble (where it doesn’t have the blurb for some ungodly reason):


And Apple iBooks:


Be still my heart. How big was my smile when those first posted? OMG. Kindle will be coming. Their lead time on pre-orders isn’t has long as these other guys and since I’m not releasing until February 19th I’m a bit too far out at the moment. But I do fully plan on having a Kindle copy available.

I’m also going to have paperbacks made as well. Or POD. I want to research that a little more, see which distributor I like the best on that one.

As for CURSE OF STARS itself, I finished the first round of heavy editing last night. I set myself a goal of cutting 20,000 words and I ended up cutting about 23,000. #missionaccomplished So I went from about 113,000 words down to about 90,000. Good lord do I overwrite. Something awful. One chapter specifically I worked on yesterday I cut about three pages of just pure over-description, replaced it all with literally two sentences, and they said the same thing. I repeat myself constantly, I over-describe things, and I can see why Sabi wasn’t all that appealing to a lot of people. She was definitely abrasive and didn’t treat people all that great. Not my original intent, of course, but that’s how she ended up.

When I do the second read through starting after this coming week (I’m looking at four days of hell at work plus a quick trip to San Diego for wedding stuff so I’ll finally be able to breathe on Saturday) I’m going to make sure everything I worked through makes sense, Sabi is still a strong character without being a brat, and I need to collect story and world information and compile it in my bid to be cohesive and consistent. Little things that make books turn pages.

I’m still on track for entering the BookLife Prize in Fiction, which is due at the end of September. Writer Beware, a website I trust, is less than impressed with this contest, which I totally understand. However, I don’t enter contests very often, I don’t find myself scoffing at the entry fee, and I’ve actually gotten a lot of good information from BookLife and their webinars regarding indie publishing. I don’t consider myself an easy mark and I haven’t opened up my bank account for easy access or anything. I may not be super seasoned, but I’m not a noob and I certainly don’t have the wool pulled over my eyes. When all is said and done, I don’t think it could really hurt me. It would be just for fun anyway and if anything does come of it, great! If not, I probably would have just spent that $100 at Ulta, and quite frankly I’m running out of space for the make-up I keep collecting.


The Wattpad Block Party is going strong. One more week before my post, Ideas, Chaos, and the Vampire Apocalypse, goes up on 8/14. I’ll be around on Wattpad all day responding to questions and comments so be sure to check it out.

In that same vein I’m also rebooting TRIALS OF FAITH. Same world, nearly the same vampires, different protagonist. My block party post is titled what it is for a reason. It completely blew up my original story.


Look at that. I got a fancy new cover and everything thanks to Creative Paramita. BEFORE I’M DEAD is available to add to your library on Wattpad. I only have a snippet from it’s namesake’s song by kidneythieves up right now, but I should be posting the prologue tonight. It’s really nothing major, just a small precursor to my post, which will feature what turns out to be chapter one of the story. Just a little tease. I kind of love doing that.

As for the wedding, we should have eloped. Holy crap, we should have eloped. I’m so over it. I just want the day to BE HERE so I can eat and drink and not have to worry about anything else. Some good news, though, my dress ended up fitting better last week when I went for my fitting than it did when I first bought it two years ago. SCORE! How’s that for feeling good? Aside from the corset I’ll be wearing, which makes my back feel really bad. Luckily I have a second dress for the reception that’s as loose as I can probably get it. I can’t wait.

Until next time . . .

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