Pre-Orders and Stuff

I’m writing my blog post early so I don’t forget to do it! Yay! Since the last time I posted here was the beginning of the month I’ve become pretty forgetful.

I guess not so much forgetful. I shouldn’t bag on myself for that. Just preoccupied. My weekends have been filled more and more with wedding preparations since I’m now a little more than a month out and it’s just so much easier to post little updates on my Facebook page. That thing’s far more current. But once the wedding is done things should be a little calmer, a little more regular, and I can get back into a groove.

Right now the only real groove I have is editing CURSE OF STARS. And that’s coming along really well. I’m just under the halfway point and I think I’ve dropped about 6,000 words so far. Not too shabby. And I’m liking the way Sabi’s shaping up. I’m smoothing out her edges, making her more palatable for people. A pretty common complaint was that people really didn’t like her, or they only liked her part of the time because she came off like a brat. So I just went ahead and fixed that.

And I’m cleaning up the manuscript, cutting out unnecessary scenes, over-wordy sections, things like that. I think it’s tightening up nicely.

I’ve started setting up the pre-order function for the book. I’ve uploaded the necessary information to Smashwords and it’s in the review process now. Once that’s done and CURSE OF STARS starts popping up on retailer sites I’ll post links here. Super excited about that. IT BEGINS. Current release date is February 19, 2017. Right now pre-orders will only be available through places that aren’t Amazon (BN, Kobo, Apple) because Amazon’s pre-order window maxes out at 3 months. Once I get that all set up I’ll let you all know.

Only a measly 7 days until the Wattpad Block Party launches on August first! The schedule is up and my short story will be going up on Sunday, 8/14. Come see the short that blew up TRIALS OF FAITH, which will be relaunched as BEFORE I’M DEAD on 8/1 with a cover reveal. Love the new cover. It’s so dirty and grimy and angry. It fits the new story perfectly. Be sure to follow me on Wattpad @dcompbooks to get all that recent info.

I can’t mention Wattpad without the Wattys. I’ve entered all three of my Changing Light series fanfiction books, HUNTED, AND THEN THERE WERE TWO, and RAGE AGAINST THE DYING OF THE NIGHT. All Lost Boys fanfiction, of course. Not a lot of representation for that fandom on Wattpad. We need to fix that. I’ll also be entering BEFORE I’M DEAD for the Wattys too once it’s up. I should have enough posted by the 8/31 deadline to qualify.

I ended up devouring MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix. It’s such a pile of trash but I’m so totally hooked. I can’t wait for season 2 next year. I’m trying to read FIRST KING OF SHANNARA by Terry Brooks, the prequel to The Shannara Trilogy, and it’s rough going. High fantasy isn’t really my thing, mainly because it’s usually so incredibly overwritten. And this is no exception. I start to get annoyed when the writing is so dense that I can barely read 30 pages in an hour. I think MTV really bastardized the book (not the one I’m reading) and made it something it really isn’t so I’m probably just going to stick to the show on this one. It’s really, REALLY hard for me to get through the book.

And I just started watching Stranger Things on Netflix and I’m a little in love. I love how it’s so 80s horror/suspense but with a really good plot/story and isn’t cheesy in the slightest (as 80s horror is wont to be). I’m hooked. We’re only two episodes in at the moment so no spoilers if you’ve binged it already.

I still haven’t caught up on Orange is the New Black either. I only have so much time in my day at the moment. Since we postponed our honeymoon to next year and I’m still keeping my two weeks of time off for the wedding GUESS WHAT I’M GOING TO DO. Other than research marketing for CURSE OF STARS. Netflix here I come.

Until next time . . .

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