I didn’t post anything last week because my left arm was still in a huge soft cast and typing was awful with only one hand so I said screw it. No posting, no writing, as little computer as possible because being on it just annoyed me.

Now that I’ve come out of my percocet haze and my cast and I have semi-normal use of my hand again I see the world I live in is going to total shit because the slice of soggy Wonder Bread we call a president has been jerking off executive orders all over the White House and turning American upside down.

I’ve tried to be politically neutral on this blog and on my Facebook author page because I was of the mind that I didn’t want to push away any readers. I wanted to accept people from all walks of life, regardless of anything like political background. Granted if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know which way I lean (actually, that’s deceiving, socially I lean left, fiscally I lean right, making me fairly moderate). I haven’t been as shy there about my political leanings, but I’ve still held back.

I’m not holding back anymore. I’m not censuring myself anymore. I don’t care if I push away readers. Why? Because if you actually support a president that restricts abortion access aid in foreign countries, effectively condemning thousand of women to die. If you support someone who can’t bother to bring up the Jews or anti-semitism during his broken bucket of a speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day. If you support the building of a wall on the Mexican border. If you support the banning of individuals from entering this country based on an ignorant idea of religion. I don’t want you near me. I don’t need you reading what I write. I’ll still sleep at night knowing you want nothing to do with me. I’m okay with that.

I don’t care to know the racist, bigoted, Islamaphobic, misogynistic twits who actually support everything that’s happening right now. I don’t care to empathize with them. There is no getting through to that. There’s just fighting against it. I don’t care to have political discourse with these people. Nothing either of us say will change the other’s mind. It would take a radical and profound life event for these people to change their minds and that’s well outside of anything I can provide them. Give Trump a chance? Already did. He crushed that chance under his overpriced shoe. He’s done.

To those who protest voted. Who felt lost and forgotten because Hillary aligned you with a racist when you’re not one. To those who voted party line, not person: I don’t think you meant for any of this to actually happen.

I have a hard time empathizing with your reasoning. My husband tried to put it to me in terms I can understand (his empathy is far better than mine) and he put it like this: I will vote for almost any candidate as long as I align with them in regard to women’s rights and equality. Those are my two main hot topics. Then my husband said, now imagine the candidate who supports those things is also a loud mouth racist who grabs pussy. Who you vote for just got significantly harder. Do you stay the course to what you believe despite the actions of the candidate or do you deviate? Can you deviate?

Now the chances of me having to make this kind of decision are slim to none. Because I socially align left, and the left are traditionally more progressive and open-minded to things like gay rights and a woman’s right to choose, I’m probably not going to be faced with a Klansman for a candidate as my option. Those guys usually aren’t Democrats. But I get it. Put this way, I get it. Sort of. I don’t get why Trump, with all things considered, still looked like a better candidate than Hillary, but fine. I can at least get the reasoning for voting not being so black and white for some people.

But now we need to come together against those fringe votes who support all of these horrific measures and stop them. For those of you who voted for Trump but are appalled by what’s been happening: make sure your representative knows that. Do not stand silent. If you’re not racist and you’re not misogynistic and you’re not afraid of people who aren’t actually terrorists, now is not the time to remain silent. If this isn’t what you voted for, make that known. Every elected official works for US. Not the other way around. My biggest fear is that our representatives in Washington are going to cowtow to a fascist because they want to make sure their own agenda gets through. They’ll sell their souls to the devil so they can keep playing the fiddle. And that’s even more terrifying than a tyrannical puppet with a Bannon-shaped fist up its ass.

So I’m not going to keep quiet. I’m not going to remain neutral. If you like my Facebook page you’ve already seen me posting articles and information. I’m not going to stay silent here any longer. Resist. Fight. We’re barreling off a cliff. We can’t allow our country to crash and burn at the bottom of the ravine.


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