Something’s Gotta Give

I would be lying if I said my life were a wreck right now. I’m just being pulled in a billion different directions and I need to think of a better way to utilize my time for the next few weeks.

So until, hopefully, mid-March I’m going to stop writing on the weekends. My regular writing schedule is supposed to be 500 words per project per day plus at least 5 edited pages of the CURSE OF STARS sequel per day. I can get into enough of a groove during the week that this is manageable, but it’s 9:36 on a Sunday night and I’m just now realizing that the only time I stopped this weekend was to sleep. I haven’t had any down time and that annoys me.

Between the BIG THING happening right now (that I’m still not going to mention yet because I’ll be damned if I’m the jinx) that’s requiring a lot of my time on the weekend plus the blog tour and getting all of the information needed for that (that literally took me hours) plus the CURSE OF STARS release itself PLUS the Wattpad Block Party and trying to keep up with that PLUS trying to study for my designation test on the 21st I think I may actually lose my mind.  IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE FEBRUARY WANTS TO DUMP ON ME RIGHT NOW? ANYTHING?

I mean I’m even going to start studying for my test during my lunch hour at work. That’s normally my reading time, man. I don’t want to study during that time. But if I want to continue going to the gym and writing during the evening, that doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time left to do it. And I’ll be really pissed if I fail this test (mainly because my company won’t pay for re-tests if you fail). And based on the practice tests I’ve taken so far I REALLY need to study.

Not being caught up with all the Wattpad Block Party posts is really irking me too. It’s just something that I know is hanging out there and it’s annoying me and I want it done. It doesn’t help that between 4 and 6 posts go up every single day so I’m chasing my tail at the moment. But if I can at least get current then staying current won’t be an issue.

At least with my book launch I should be good to go on that. I do need to order more books and have another giveaway on Goodreads, but that’s at a later date. I’ll just need to stay on top of the blog tour once that gets underway on the 27th. But for right now I think I have some room with that.

Anything else? God, I hope not. February’s one of those months where I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s a bitter sweet thing, really. I just have too much going on at once at the moment and I don’t like feeling like I can’t stop to breathe.

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