Sometimes people just need to die.

Did I say people? I mean characters.

Yeah . . . characters . . .

I recently picked back up the sequel to NEW FUTURE WEAPON because by the time I’m set to self-publish that title I want the sequel done and going through editing, at least, so I can get on a quicker publishing schedule. The things I’m learning during this whole process.  I love it.  I really do. But holy crap, putting out three books in a year is daunting. As it my incredible penchant for overwriting.

So I picked this back up and this was the draft that made me realize I really need to start plotting a little more. My world is getting pretty intricate, I have a lot of characters, and things are just plain ol’ hard to keep track of. I read back through the last chapter I completed to catch myself up to where I was and I remembered that in the current scene I’m dealing with eight characters. My very first thought coming back to this and reading it?

Someone should have died by now.

How George RR Martin of me. I do plan on killing a couple people later in the story but looking back on my writing with fresh eyes it’s all a little Brady Bunch and I’m not okay with that. I really like fucking my characters up in some rather horrific ways. It’s very cathartic for me (no, I’m not one of those authors who write people they hate in real life into their work, at least not consciously. If I don’t like you you’re not even a thought in my head let alone a character in my book. Why would I taint my writing with a presence I don’t like? Ick.). Plus I think it lends realism to the story (as real as a girl crying diamonds with a magical stamp tattooed to the back of her head can be). On top of all of that I need to weed some of these fuckers out. It’s all bit cluttered.

Some characters I have plans for. Those will remain on until their time. The rest . . . dudes are just taking up space. At this point I’m going to hand you your red shirt and wish you luck in the next life.

Now it’s just a matter of when and how. The character needs to have an impact on Sabi’s life in some fashion and then I need to rip that clean away. See?  Horrific.


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