Sometimes you just need to throw down some money.

Could I have figured out how to format my word document in order to upload it for print and eBooks? Sure. I could have spent hours upon hours researching what exactly needed to be done and fiddling around in Word trying to figure out how to actually create those changes. Surely that would have ended in a crying jag because I’m decently computer savvy, but I just don’t have that kind of patience. At all.

Instead I just threw down $100 at and bought rights to a combo set for print and digital that I can use with multiple books. Infinitely easier. They have a decent selection of styles you can use depending on what type of book you’re looking to format. The instructions are pretty straight forward, and for the most part it’s just cut and paste. They even give you that whole copyright page you’ll need. There. Done.

I love it a little. I’ve only formatted the print edition at the moment, because I want to give the final dimensions for the cover so my designer can finalize the design. But once I went through the directions and figured out where to look and what to use when, I was able to plug everything in maybe within ten minutes.

Except then I realized I still needed to do the digital edition and I still have cursory edits to do. Crap. I guess I can just pull from the print document and go from there. Kind of annoying that I didn’t think of that in advance. Oh well. Not the end of the world.

I printed the manuscript out because I wanted it off the screen while I do the final edits. I just feel like I see more when it’s on paper, that my eyes glaze over a little easier when I’m staring at a glowing screen. It’s at my feet now and I can’t stop staring at it. I’ll still need to adjust the margins and then I can upload and everything, but it’s so close to being done. Like closer than I thought.

I’ve already submitted to a blog tour site. I aimed really high with this one and I doubt I have a chance at being selected but I wouldn’t know for sure if I didn’t submit, right? They work with mostly commercially published authors (like big authors), and some books I really liked, so I submitted. I’m not holding my breath but I’ll be on pins and needles until I hear. Now I just need to start combing through bloggers and see who wants to take a stab at it. I already have two larger authors from Wattpad that have signed up so hooray! Momentum is slowly building.

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