Stupid writing snag.

Hit my first writing snag in my WattPad experiment.  It’s not something that was unexpected but it’s still annoying regardless.

I’m still trying to pace the story a bit and a lot’s happened in the first two chapters.  I know where I need it to go but it just can’t go there right now.  Because WOAH SLOW DOWN.  I have a scene already written that I’m salivating trying to get to but it’s weeks along in the story timeline and starting to escalate getting to that scene right out of the gate (in May’s case, literally right out of the gate) just felt far too premature. So now I have a chapter where not a whole hell of a lot happens but I NEED this bridge in order to get the story where it needs to go.

I basically I have a filler chapter.  It serves it’s purpose, of course.  May’s heinously overwhelmed, she doesn’t know what to do, she’s covered in blood, and she’s hearing shit that she doesn’t know if it’s there or not.  And if it is there what it actually is.  Being in vampire territory and all, that’s a problem.  So there’s tension but the chapter is she’s in the dirt, she runs into the woods, and hides in a tree.  It’s getting closer to where I want it to be and hopefully it won’t take forever for it to get there (I can’t let it, I’ll lose people doing that).

But ugh, I hate these lull chapters.  Such a pain in my ass.

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