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Pre-Orders and Stuff

I’m writing my blog post early so I don’t forget to do it! Yay! Since the last time I posted here was the beginning of the month I’ve become pretty forgetful. I guess not so much forgetful. I shouldn’t bag on myself for that. Just preoccupied. My weekends have been filled more and more with… Continue Reading

Another update and something about chaos.

First and foremost I recommend you follow my Facebook page. It’s really easy for me to post random little turd nuggets on there right from my phone while formulating a post here takes a little more time and I’m a bit more sporadic with it. Obviously. So for the more instant stuff like my Facebook… Continue Reading

Watt-Publish or Self-Pad?

Right now I started serializing a story idea on WattPad as something completely independent to the novel I actually want to self-publish.  I already explained my intent in this post but the WattPad demographic is worth noting.  Nearly 80% of the WattPad users are under 30 with roughly equal halves of that being under 18.… Continue Reading