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Welcome to my obsession.

It’s Christmas every month at my house. Because: Ipsy. Sephora Play. LootCrate. Classic NerdBlock. HorrorBlock. Random blowout sale for Classic NerdBlock. My random blowout sale for HorrorBlock is on its way. As is this month’s Classic NerdBlock. HorrorBlock ships later. So . . . in my defense I do stop and start LootCrate and the… Continue Reading

When I’m perfectly okay being rated and other publishing updates.

Last month I entered CURSE OF STARS in the BookLife Prize in Fiction put on by Publisher’s Weekly BookLife, their indie-focused information arm. The contest closed on the 30th. I think I got mine in on the 29th. I’m nothing if not punctual. I stressed on the rating for maybe a day. I went through… Continue Reading

Sometimes you just need to throw down some money.

Could I have figured out how to format my word document in order to upload it for print and eBooks? Sure. I could have spent hours upon hours researching what exactly needed to be done and fiddling around in Word trying to figure out how to actually create those changes. Surely that would have ended… Continue Reading

When a difficult decision gets easy.

I submitted my book to a publisher at the insistence of a critique partner of mine because she’d already been working with them and recommended them.  So I submitted my manuscript blindly, meaning I didn’t do any further research but totally intended to. Although, in the back of my mind I was like, ‘Nothing will… Continue Reading