That time when your soul is tired.

So ended the CrossFit Open yesterday. Five weeks of pushing my body to its limit and beyond, doing things I didn’t think I could do and completing tasks I didn’t think I could complete. Plus moving in the middle of it all. Plus the gym I go to doing its own event for the Open that required additional effort if you signed up for it, which I did.

Now I’m just tired down to my soul.

I had to cut back on the writing a little bit, at least on the weekends, because I had house closing stuff and clean-up stuff and CrossFit stuff on the weekend. But I was able to maintain during the week. I even finished the first pass-through on the second book in the Diamond Crier series. Now to attack that bitch with a fervor.

But I basically haven’t stopped in five weeks and now I’m exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally. When you work out so hard that you sob at the end of a workout or hyperventilate yourself into a panic attack, it’s really hard to find yourself doing much of anything after that. Staying awake has been a definite issue for me these past few weeks. I’ve managed, but I definitely feel underslept right now.

Add in the achy, creaky, soreness that I’m feeling pretty much constantly and sitting down becomes an issue. Sleeping becomes an issue when I can’t get in a comfortable position for my hips. And bath time it is to ease those sore muscles.

I need to not do anything for a couple weeks. I mean I’m still going to stick to my writing schedule, but since I don’t have such intense workouts anymore (for another year) and I’ve been doing them on Saturdays, basically blowing up my weekends in terms of recovery, I can finally just chill. And by god do I want to chill. I want to do nothing. Go nowhere. Not get out of my pajamas. Not have any plans.

I can’t wait for nothing for a little while. My brain and my body and my emotions need it right now. I may just crawl into a hole and not come out if anything else crops up.

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