The beat goes on.

And on. And on.

I’ve been lazy and haven’t sent any queries out to bloggers this weekend. It’s truly a long list to email and it’s a hell of a daunting task. I’m just being slow with it. Plus the response, or lack thereof, hasn’t been all that encouraging either. That I know I shouldn’t take personally. Seeing as how I’m also on the other end of things I’m well aware of slow response times, no response at all, and general disinterest. Add into all of that the coming holidays and I’m not surprised. Doesn’t make me sigh any less. Maybe I’ll put out a few tonight, just to feel like I accomplished something.

As if I haven’t been doing anything.

I’ve read through three contracts this weekend. If I could not do that again for a little while I’d really appreciate it.

I set up an account with IngramSpark. Checking out their product. Already I’m liking their platform better than Lulu. Where Lulu doesn’t have any set-up fees, they also have a really high required list price for paperbacks at external retailers. I could list for $13 and change on Lulu (with an applied discount) but everywhere else it would need to list for $17 and change if I wanted to make even a few cents off the title. For a paperback. So yeah, great. No set-up fees. It’ll just be offset to the customer.

Ingram, on the other hand, does have set-up fees. I paid $49 to set up my paperback with them. It’s still being reviewed now. But I was able to set a $9.99 list price (which is in line for like-trade paperbacks) and apply a 40% wholesaler discount (I know at least one teacher who wants to buy copies for her classroom) AND I’d still make some royalties off of it all. Plus I could set it up for pre-order. Couldn’t do that with Lulu. It was published or not. And if I wanted to set up any kind of wholesaler discount I basically had to by author copies (for $7 and change) in bulk and charge directly. My book isn’t even listed yet with Ingram and already I like them better.

Plus I set everything up for pre-order on Amazon. Finally. I figured I could have done that yesterday, but no. Today was the earliest I could get it done. So now it is.

I also took down my pre-order contest that I was running, in case you haven’t noticed. You know, the one where if you pre-ordered the eBook and send me a copy of the receipt you’ll be entered to win a gift card? Yeah, apparently that’s an illegal lottery. No thanks! So I’m buying more marketing stuff. On top of the NetGalley listing that’ll go up on the 28th and the blog tour at the end of February, I’m setting up a book blitz for a week at the end of January just to get it on people’s radar. So between that and the blog tour I’ve hashed out giveaways for those and followed up with my designer for swag stuff. Still waiting on that. Plus glowing bookmarks. Sweet Jesus, those are awesome. Wait until you see those. Not exclusive to my book; they’re just awesome and I think I’m going to give some away as prizes. I mean look. How is that not awesome?

And I’ve entered into a contest on Wattpad for a chance to get my work optioned by TNT. They’re doing this horror contest and it closes next Sunday. First round is they’ll decide on 100 stories to go into a voting round. I’ve entered a new story called Whisper, about things that exist just barely out of sight, and Last Night, my Cherry Valley massacre ghost story. Fingers crossed on that one.

BEFORE I’M DEAD‘s ranked #912 in vampire right now, which is pretty awesome. It’s not the highest rank it’s been, but right now it’s the steadiest. Hell, I’ll take it! Especially since I had an AH HA moment writing that looped everything together and sewed my story up nice and tight. Granted, for the next draft of it I’m wondering if I should go back to YA on it (TRIALS OF FAITH was originally YA and I changed BID to a more paranormal romance story because I thought I wanted sex in it but now I’m not so sure. That’s all yet to be seen).

Now I really need to get on editing book two in the DIAMOND CRIER series. It’s not going to red pen itself. Although it would be awesome if it would.

Anyway, really looking forward to the long weekend this week. I’m taking a posting break from Wattpad so I’ll have some time there. Plus I really need to get some chapters written in BID and INSIDIOUS so I can get some padding back. Then work on editing DC book two. All the writing, needing all the time.

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