To Newsletter or Not to Newsletter?

So I’m batting around the idea of starting a newsletter. I hear it’s a good thing. From people. Because reasons.

Basically it’s another way to interact with people and I need to do more of this. Because I’m a hermit. Which I’m okay with. It leaves me in pajamas a lot of the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, you know. I’d like people to read my book and I want to appear VAGUELY human online so . . . I’m humaning. There’s a newsletter title: Donna’s Attempt at Humaning

Really I got inspired by Roshani Chokshi’s newsletter. I think it comes out once a month and it’s really just a bunch of random stuff. She meanders a little bit, talks about make-up, some personal stuff, things going on with her writing, and that’s about it. See, I’ve always figured that newsletters were for people with STUFF going on. I don’t have STUFF going on. I watch too much SVU, clean up after my dog, and that’s about it.

But I could spin it. I could offer people something for signing up. Like maybe a deleted scene from CURSE OF STARS. And then maybe I could just blah on every month. Put a picture of my creatures in there and be done with it. I wouldn’t necessarily need to generate new content. That could be left to the blog and Facebook and all of that. The newsletter would be a monthly round-up. Maybe if I get something juicy enough I could save it for the newsletter and entice more people to sign up. Hmmmm . . .

I can do that. And people seem to have success with them. I personally am not signed up for a bunch of author newsletters. Maybe two or three. But those I do get I like. So maybe . . .

I’ve already signed up for MailChimp.

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