TV Talk and Signed Copies of COS!

Because I want to talk about some TV right now. Shall we?

I guess if you’re into drama for the sake of drama this would be your thing, but I just couldn’t get into it. I tried. I watched three full episodes before I hung up the towel.

The premise is that there was a murder as a school fundraiser. By the point I stopped watching you don’t know who died and all of the main women mentioned are apparently suspects. Or so we’re led to believe. People who work around these women are interviewed by the cops and they’re all talking about how nasty they are or how they didn’t fit in or blah blah blah.

Reese Witherspoon’s character is a kept stay-at-home mom whose only purpose in life is to raise her children, which she readily admits when her youngest shows her independence. Nicole Kidman’s character was a lawyer who’s now a kept stay at home mom in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship and she hides it to even her closest friends. Shailene Woodley’s character is a single mom and part time bookkeeper who’s currently unemployed yet who can afford to move to Monterey after living with her parents in Santa Cruz. There’s a rape in her past and I’m assuming she killed her rapist based on the flashbacks they kept showing. Laura Dern’s character is a working helicopter mom (although I’m loathe to use that term because I don’t have an issue with women deigning to choose to have careers) who’s at war with Witherspoon’s character over a perceived slight. Zoe Kravitz’s character is Witherspoon’s ex-husband’s new wife and she’s younger and a hippie and does yoga and Witherspoon sees her as encroaching on her mom territory with her own daughter. It’s a story of women backbiting each other and I just can’t be bothered.

Not my thing. I went into it thinking it’s not my thing and I was right.

Adore it. And it’s funny because I said above that I don’t like drama for drama’s sake and I usually need something supernatural involved in order to get me on board with it. But that’s not the case here. I have a thing for historical fiction and while 18th century London isn’t high on my list of favorites it’s not today. It requires my brain to put in a little effort and imagine a little. Transport a little.

Plus it’s a show about sex workers, low end, high end, professionally kept women, and the wars they wage against each other and society. The characters feel incredibly real and the drama doesn’t feel manufactured. I believe what I’m seeing and I care about the characters, women of all walks of life trying to get by in a male-dominated world. Some of it is awful. Some of it is hilarious. All of it is compelling.

What the high holy shit is going on in this show?

I originally found out about it because of Anatol Yusef, who plays Meyer Lanksy on Boardwalk Empire. I’m a fan and I follow a few people on tumblr who follow his work far more closely than I do. And not too long ago this show started popping up. I don’t watch TV like normal TV so I had to wait forever for it to come up on Hulu. Now that it’s finally here and I’m three episodes in my eyes are crossed, I have no idea what’s going on, and I can’t stop watching it.

LOVE Ruth Negga in this. Love her. Love her character. And the vampire guy is one of my favorites. Such a smarmy asshole but he’s a great character. And I’m not too sure what Yusef’s character is yet. They insinuated something heavenly. Angels, maybe? There’s that squiggly thing they’re after that’s now found a home in Rob Stark there and they need to get it out of him. Except right now it seems to like its home where it was blowing up its previous hosts.

No clue. But it’s got my attention.

What are you watching?

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