Welcome to my obsession.

It’s Christmas every month at my house. Because:




Sephora Play.




Classic NerdBlock.




Random blowout sale for Classic NerdBlock.

My random blowout sale for HorrorBlock is on its way. As is this month’s Classic NerdBlock. HorrorBlock ships later.

So . . . in my defense I do stop and start LootCrate and the Blocks depending on what fandoms they’re pulling from. I did originally also get LootPet as well, but it wasn’t worth it because my dog’s an asshole and doesn’t know how not to annihilate toys. Extra durable my ass. Sephora and Ipsy are constant and with how long it took me to get off the Play waiting list I’m not stopping that shit. No way. But the geek subscriptions allow me to suspend my account if I don’t want a month, which is nice. The first subscription to LootCrate I got was a three month and I got some random stuff from fandoms I know nothing about. So that stuff’s getting sold on eBay.

These things are the best, though. Truly. And now there’s FitFabFun which has my finger twitching. I think that’s a quarterly box, yeah? But it has all sorts of stuff in it that I’d probably never use but I totally need. Like with my makeup subscriptions and how I’m running out of drawer space to house everything. I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

I was very picky with the makeup ones, though, because there are a bunch of them. Based on my ridiculously sensitive skin Ipsy seemed like the best value for my money due to variety of products. The last thing I need is a bunch of skincare stuff that makes me turn into a hive.

Still, these things bring me joy.

A little writing update: I’m formatting my eBook copies as we speak. I’ve uploaded the final document to Smashwords and it’s in review after getting kicked out for some kind of formatting reason on the first go-around. So that’s good. I’ll still have to upload another copy after I go through the various reading apps to make sure formatting isn’t completely screwed.

I’m running ePub and Mobi through the various reading apps and it looks like so far my only real issues are missing adding the copyright page to my Table of Contents, looks like I have some extra formatting in the chapter headers that’s coming through a little oddly, and my intra-chapter paragraph break font didn’t go through. Very minor things, so yay. So hopefully next weekend I can start tapping into my review reserves and sending people copies.

I just put in a downpayment for a blog tour through Xpresso Book Tours. Unfortunately they couldn’t get me in until the week after my release date, which is fine. It’s still going to be stellar. I’ll be brainstorming from giveaways for that, plus hammering out details on my pre-order giveaway that I want to do in conjunction with the reviews leading up to February. And I’m working on getting licensing so I can use my cover for swag. ALL THE EXCITE.

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