What the hell is SnapChat?

Laura’s nagged me to get SnapChat for almost ever now and I finally caved (and didn’t delete it fifteen seconds after installing it) yesterday and it’s still on my phone. I’ve played around with the filters, uploaded some videos, generally farted around with it. Most of my videos have the cats in them, some of the photos have the dog. This is basically my channel. Feed. Whatever.

Jury’s still out on whether I like it or not. Considering I’m not very social in real life I don’t do a whole hell of a lot that’s like HEY LOOK AT ME. Here, have some more cats. I like the filters, though. They make my no make-upped face look halfway decent. Can’t argue with that.

Any advice from SnapChat users? I’m just kind of shooting in the dark here. My username’s donnaduck1387 if you want to follow along. I’ll gladly return the follow because I want to learn about this new fangled piece of technology.

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